How JusticeDrive Works

The JusticeDrive website is maintained as a community service by Parabon NanoLabs. Donations are managed by GoFundMe. Funds raised may be used by the investigating agency at its sole discretion.

Campaigns must be organized by official law enforcement agencies.

In time, Parabon plans to provide a web interface that enables agencies to create their own JusticeDrive campaigns, but for now, investigators may simply compile and submit to Parabon the requisite case information and fundraising goal and our staff will create a campaign entry on the site, after which donations may begin.

Agencies can withdraw funds at any time without affecting progress toward the campaign goal.

If your agency is unable to accept donations directly, a beneficiary may be designated (e.g., a law enforcement foundation that supports your agency). Parabon can serve as the beneficiary if the donations are to be used for Snapshot DNA Analysis — i.e., phenotyping, ancestry determination, kinship inference, genetic genealogy, etc.