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JusticeDrive is a free crowdfunding portal dedicated to helping law enforcement agencies, victim advocates, and concerned citizens raise funds to advance criminal investigations. The site provides tools for law enforcement agencies to direct funds to specific cases, and empowers individuals to contribute to the investigation of sexual assault, homicide, and unidentified remains cases across the country and around the world.

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    On a case by case basis, JusticeDrive and Parabon staff will evaluate cases in need of funding for DNA services and direct general fund donations to pay for these services. Results will be provided to the investigating agency at no cost to them. Please note that funds will be distributed to cases based on the suitability of the available DNA.

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    For law enforcement agencies that, due to internal policies, are unable to accept donations directly, JusticeDrive has established a non-case-specific donation program that allows direct contributions via PayPal for the purpose of funding advanced DNA analysis services. DNA services include, but are not limited to, DNA extraction, sample processing (STR typing, SNP genotyping, whole genome sequencing), data bioinformatics, genealogy site upload fees, genetic genealogy analysis, kinship analysis, DNA phenotyping, and any associated forensic art enhancements.

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